Mankira Coffee

Specialising in Premium Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian Blend

This is our signature blend made from 100% Ethiopian beans. These guys are working together to provide you with a bright and confident coffee that has floral and blueberry undertones.


Welcome to Mankira Coffee

Mankira Coffee has a strong focus on premium coffee beans from Ethiopia - the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopian coffee beans are grown at high altitudes making them some of the highest quality in the world.

The coffea arabica species is indigenous to the Ethiopian highlands and there are thousands of different varieties (and many more not yet catalogued) growing wild in the highlands and cultivated on farms which results in a diverse range of coffee flavours.

This diversity in flavour provides us with a great palette to work with as it results in each bean having its own unique character and personality. It's our job to ensure that each bag of coffee, whether a blend or single origin, shines!

"Each bag of Mankira Coffee is bursting with personality and steeped in centuries of traditions and culture that sit behind the Ethiopian coffee bean."

Tewodros Fekadu, Mankira Coffee

Why choose Mankira Coffee?

  • All of our coffee beans are grown in Ethiopia at high altitude. General rule of thumb: High Altitude = High Quality. 

  • Ethiopia is widely considered to be the birthplace of coffee. 

  • We only source and roast premium Ethiopian coffee beans. 

  • Our coffee beans are roasted fresh in Queensland, Australia.

  • We can grind your beans fresh to order according to your brewing method. (Our preference, however, is to sell whole beans and let you grind as required, as the beans tend to hold their freshness much longer that way). 

  • We are a small locally-owned business that has a passion for Ethiopian coffee beans (see: Our Story).