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Ethiopian Coffee Bean Profiles

Yirgacheffe Coffee Bean

Home: Southern highlands Ethiopia.
Altitude: 1800 - 2200m (5900 - 7200ft) above sea level.
Processing: Washed.
Character: Yirgie is a well known high-quality bean with a unique flavour;  a strong rich taste combined with a  deep savoury, citrus and floral aroma. Yirgacheffe Kochere is a gourmet bean from a small geographic area within the Yirgacheffe region. Yirgacheffe Kochere coffee is more acidic than Yirgacheffe, with a brighter acidity as the altitude is higher. 
Physical appearance: A small oval shaped bean, uniform, thick, medium-to-bold bean, blue in colour.


Sidamo Coffee Bean

Home: Southern highlands of Ethiopia.
Altitude: 1500 - 2100m (5000-6900ft) above sea level.
Processing: Natural (sun-dried) or Washed.
Characteristics:  A spicy aroma and a mellow, well balanced aftertaste that makes it popular with among coffee lovers. 
Physical appearance:  A small to medium sized, and greenish/greyish to blue in color.

Limu Coffee Bean

Home: The greater Djimmah province of the southern highlands of Ethiopia. 
Altitude: 1800 - 2000m (5900 - 6500ft) above sea level.
Processing: Washed.
Characteristics: A wet processed coffee, it is not simply a washed version of the Djimmah bean, but a bean in its own right its own special genetic profile. Limu is renowned around the world as a gourmet coffee with a smooth red wine flavour. 
Physical appearance: Medium in size with a distinctive rounded shape and greenish color.

Harar Coffee Bean

Home: Eastern highlands of Ethiopia.
Altitude: 2000 - 2750m (6500 - 9000ft) above sea level.
Processing: Natural (sun-dried).
Characteristics: : A long berry coffee famous for being hearty, with smoky, resiny tones that result in a fruity, rich, winy flavour that leaves you with a taste of real mocha. 
Physical Appearance: A medium to long pointed size and has a greenish to yellowish/golden colour.

Djimmah (Kaffa) Coffee Bean

Home: Kaffa province in the southern highlands Ethiopia. 
Altitude: 1650 - 2000m (5400 - 6500ft) above sea level.
Processing: Natural (sun-dried).
Characteristics: A natural sun dried coffee with a pleasant after taste. One of Ethiopia's largest exports. 
Physical Appearance: A medium to bold, oval and thick bean. 

Lekempt (Ghimbi) Coffee Bean

Home: Ghimbi and Wollega provinces in the western highlands of Ethiopia. 
Altitude: 1500m - 1800m (4900 - 5900ft) above sea level.
Processing: Natural (sun-dried) or Washed.
Characteristics: Known for slight distinct fruity flavour with a pleasant acidity and healthy body not unlike Harar coffee. 
Physical Appearance: Generally medium in size, green to greyish in colour.

Bebeka/Tepi Coffee Bean

Home: Southern highlands of Ethiopia.
Altitude: 1000 – 1100m (3280 – 3600ft)
Processing: Washed.
Characteristics: These two coffees have less acidity, less body and soft flavour with some nutty and caramel notes. Generally used in blends.
Physical Appearance: Large, thick, wider center cut, pointed ends, less specific density, and greenish to grayish appearance in colour.