Mankira Coffee

Specialising in Premium Ethiopian Coffee

Our Story

Tewodros Fekadu was born in Eritrea and grew up in Ethiopia but now lives on the Gold Coast in Australia. For as long as he can remember, coffee has been part of his daily life - from the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony to the famous Ethiopian macchiatos (if you haven't had one - add it to your bucket list!). 

Tewodros launched Mankira Coffee in 2014 in the hope that, not only will coffee connoisseurs enjoy the quality and the unique taste Ethiopian coffee has to offer, but understand its significance in Ethiopian culture. 

Local legend has it that the coffee bean was born in Mankira forest in the Kaffa province in southern highlands of Ethiopia.  The high altitude growing climate provides great diversity in terms of flavour and means that each type of coffee bean, just like us humans, is unique with its own individual character and personality. 

Mankira Coffee only works with the best, so all of Mankira Coffee's beans - whether they are part of a blend or single origins - are put through a rigourous selection process to ensure that only the cream of the crop make their way to your cup! 

"There is a story behind each and every cup of coffee."

Tewodros Fekadu, Mankira Coffee


Tewodros at the Mankira Forest in Kaffa province, Ethiopia - the birthplace of coffee.